ProFeedlot promotes feedlot herd health.

Apiam Animal Health offers the feedlot sector a wide range of veterinary health consultancy and ancillary services to ensure your feedlot herd health is working at its optimum.

Utilising our network of skilled veterinarians, logistics and in-house diagnostic capabilities we can cover many of feedlot management needs on a modern feedlot.

ProFeedlot Services Brochure

Download the ProFeedlot Services brochure for a comprehensive snapshot of the programs benefits.

ProFeedlot Service Inclusions


Veterinary services and planning covering:

  • Pre-induction and Induction reviews for health optimisation
  • Visit reports and action plans on key health areas across feedlot operations
  • Collated data analysis converted to action plans for future disease prevention strategies

animal health

  • Customised animal health treatment protocols covering major health areas in feedlotting
  • On site veterinary visits for disease prevention and monitoring
  • Direct access to qualified feedlot veterinarians for remote and on site support for disease investigations and on-site emergencies


  • Online ordering and payment system

  • Directly linked to individual feedlot herd health treatment protocols

  • Access to feedlot consumables and merchandise


  • We offer a fully integrated feedlot health reporting system that connects directly to your feedlot software
  • Allowing real time observation and analysis of your feedlot health targets
  • Includes veterinary review and planning with managers to continually improve and exceed performance targets


  • Access to state of the art diagnostic facilities that can cater for all key areas of feedlot health areas
  • General Disease investigations (Infectious disease, parasitology, pathology, immunology)
  • Feed / Forage testing utilising the accredited FORAGE LABs program for accurate and rapid feed testing


  • Antimicrobial monitoring program – understanding your antimicrobial resistance levels for supply chain reporting
  • Autogenous vaccine development, using feedlot derived pathogens, for bespoke vaccines to combat very specific disease profiles of individual feedlots


  • On-farm veterinary visits can include focussed staff training including group, individual and hands on skills training
  • We offer training in all aspects of feedlot animal health including;
    • Disease diagnosis and treatment
    • Pen riding techniques and animal health identification
    • Autopsy techniques and diagnosis
    • Lameness prevention and treatment

ProFeedlot Service Details


The Animal Health Data (AHD) system is an online industry benchmarking and feedlot health and production analysis system used by feedlots.

Apiam offers its feedlots exclusive access to AHD system and can provide vital cattle management decisions, regardless of the size of the operation. It utilises data from feedlot management software to manage feedlot information.

This collection of data allows the AHD system to conduct analysis that generates reporting covering:

  • Feedlot health performance and benchmarking.
  • Feedlot production performance and benchmarking.
  • Vendor health and production performance and benchmarking (feedlot, slaughter and whole of life).
  • Processing plant yield, offal loss and grading performance and benchmarking.
  • Predictive Risk Analysis for improved health outcomes.

Our veterinary team will setup customised reporting that targets the metrics that best fit your feedlot, and with regular review and analysis, targeted plans on procurement, operational cattle flow and processes can be established.


We aim to bring the latest technology to the industry that improves how we deliver veterinary services, animal welfare and diagnostic support for feedlot staff.

Apiam has been at the forefront of bringing RealWearTM technology to the feedlot sector. Our vets record and create training packages for staff using feedlot footage from their point of view, incorporating feedlot protocols in the process. This technology also allows for remote monitoring and support of disease investigation and identification with trained feedlot staff using the technology.

Apiam continue to support the area of automated diagnostics in the feedlot sector, and are actively working with feedlots and industry to evaluate and refine new technology, that will help feedlots improve identification of disease sooner for better productivity outcomes. Furthermore, our vets are working on many different research projects in the feedlot cattle health and performance area to support continual improvement of the feedlot sector.

We will always look to meet and exceed the needs of the feedlot industry, through our investment and focus on technology, that drives feedlots to deliver the maximium health and performance outcomes.


We aim to deliver our clients the best in veterinary consultancy, supported by the best information from your feedlot, to make informed decisions. Importantly, we also want to make doing business with Apiam easy.

Online customer Portal

Ordering & Delivery

The online portal is customised to the client and gives easy access to feedlot prescription medications that apply specifically to your feedlot. You can save key products and shopping lists to make re-ordering simple. You can arrange for standard delivery and even place orders into future for convenience. The online portal also has a wide range of over-the-counter feedlot supplies and consumables that every feedlot needs – all in one convenient location.
We take logistics seriously. Our in-house delivery service ensures that all our products get there on time and that their storage requirements are met at the highest standard. We are one of the only companies that has integrated cold chain management from our warehouse to your feedlot.

Customer Support

Our vets are backed up by a dedicated customer service, logistics and warehouse team, to ensure you get the support and products you need, when you need them.


Our Feedlot services are driven by veterinary excellence and science-based decision making to achieve the best outcomes for your production and business outcomes. Following diagnostic results, we will include our veterinary interpretation of results and support any required changes to animal health management plans.

We can offer your feedlot a range of diagnostic services via our Diagnostic partners:

Haemotology / Biochemistry profiles
  • General profile, downer cow, sick cow
  • Liver, Renal, Electrolytes
Infectious Disease
  • Bacteria: culture, serotyping and Antibiotic sensitivity (AMR)
  • Milk, water, (MUC), feed
  • Parasitology: calf scour package, faecal egg count, etc.
Molecular Testing
  • Bacteria: molecular testing (PCR) and virulent factor detection
    • Eg BVDV, Mycoplasma, Johnes, Respiratory pathogens
Pathology and Immunology
  • Histopathology, and special stains
  • ELISA (Pesti, Johnes, IBR etc)
  • Cytology
Feed Testing and Analysis
  • Nutrient content (protein, carbohydrates, fatty acid, fibre, etc)
  • Minerals (NO3, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, etc.)
  • Mycotoxin detection
Environmental testing surface and water

Custom Vaccine Service

Apiam works closely with ACE Laboratory Services to find new ways to improve and prevent disease with reduced use of antibiotics through our Custom Vaccine Service.

Our team of vets will work with you to identify the potential of isolating localised disease strains into a custom vaccine. We can take the lead in taking the samples, managing the isolation and culturing of target pathogens for custom (autogenous) vaccines.

Under veterinary direction we will then create customised protocols to integrate these vaccines into a feedlots general health programs. ACE Labs is fully accredited and has a category 1 GMP accredited manufacturing facility that makes veterinary vaccines under licence from the APVMA to ensure full regulatory compliance for products administered to feedlot cattle.

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This policy relates only to the personal information management practices of Apiam.

Personal information means information that identifies you as an individual, or from which your identity can reasonably be ascertained.

This Policy describes how we collect, store, use and disclose personal information and explains your rights to access and correct that information or make a complaint about the handling of your personal information (regardless of the form of the information and whether the information is true or not).

This policy does not relate to personal information held about current or former employees of Apiam.


We only collect personal information if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities. The type of personal information we collect will depend on the reason for collection. Generally, the types of personal information we collect will include name, contact details and records of communication with us.In addition, we collect information relating to:

Veterinary clients and/or retail customers

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  • We may also be required to collect your personal information under State and Territory veterinary surgeons’ legislation.

Job applicants

  • employment and academic histories and the names of referees. We will collect this information directly from organisations that provide recruitment related services to us, and from third parties who provide job applications with professional or personal references.


  • Personal data from students is collected for the purpose of facilitation of placements. We will collect this information directly from education providers or directly from students seeking placement or work experience.


  • Personal data from shareholders is collected for purposes related to their shareholding, including for the purposes of issuing or transacting in shares, paying dividends, regulatory reporting and shareholder communications. Such data may include a shareholder’s name, address, shareholding details, tax file number, and bank account details. Shareholder data is collected on behalf of Apiam by the external manager of our share register. From time to time this data may be provided to other external service providers for the purposes of paying distributions or mailing shareholder communications, or to the extent permitted by legislation to authorised securities brokers, persons inspecting the register, bidders for Apiam’s securities, or certain regulatory bodies including the Australian Taxation Office.

We will also collect information, including names and contact details, about:

  • people involved in or through organisation that we support;
  • our suppliers (this information is collected for business-related purposes but contains some limited personal information such as contact details of the people that we liaise with);
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  • people who request information updates about us through our mailing list.


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Where it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we collect personal information directly from you when you correspond or register your details with us, when you present your pet or animal for treatment at one of our clinics or provide feedback to us. Depending on the nature of our interaction with you, we may collect personal information from third parties – for example, information about job applications is collected in the manner set out above; when new veterinary practices join the Apiam group; and from organisations with whom we have an affiliation.

Apiam may also collect personal information about individual veterinary surgeons (for example where other veterinary surgeons are also involved in the care of an animal), contractors and other individuals who interact with us. This information is generally collected for administration and management purposes.

We hold personal information in hard copy (paper) or electronic form. If you provide information to us electronically, we retain this information in our computer systems and databases. Information held in electronic form is generally held on servers controlled by Apiam or on servers controlled by third parties under contractual arrangements with Apiam in Australia. Apiam uses physical security, password protection and other measures to ensure that personal information stored in electronic form is protected from misuse, interference and loss; and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Personal information collected in hard copy (paper) form may be converted to electronic form. Information held in paper form is generally securely stored at our veterinary clinics or our head office. Apiam uses physical security and other measures to ensure that personal information in hard copy form is protected from misuse, interference and loss; and from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.


We may use personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected (e.g. the provision of our veterinary services) or for purposes related to the primary purpose where it would be reasonably expected that we would use the information in such a way, or in other limited circumstances as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).

We collect, hold and use your personal information:

  • to provide safe and effective veterinary care to your pet or animal;
  • to provide products and services to you and to send communications requested by you;
  • to answer enquiries and provide information or advice about existing and new products or services;
  • to communicate with you about upcoming appointments, health checks, vaccination schedules and other related veterinary care matters;
  • to manage, monitor, plan and evaluate our services;
  • for safety and quality assurance and improvement activities;
  • for testing and maintenance of information technology systems;
  • for product and service development, quality control and research to improve the way Apiam and its service providers provide products and services to us and you;
  • to seek your feedback in relation to customer satisfaction and our relationship with you and perform research and statistical analysis using such feedback;
  • to correspond with people who have contacted us, and deal with feedback;
  • to recruit and assess potential employees;
  • to provide services to shareholders in relation to their holding of Apiam securities;
  • for marketing (including direct marketing), planning, product or service development, quality control and research purposes by Apiam and its related bodies corporate;
  • to maintain and update our records;
  • to comply with any law, rule, regulation, lawful and binding determination, decision or direction of a regulator, or in co-operation with any governmental authority of any country;
  • to answer your questions, provide you with information or advice (including general pet health advice) or consider and respond to requests or complaints made by you.


We may disclose personal information to third parties where we are permitted to do so by law or we have obtained consent to do so. We may disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected or for purposes related to the primary purpose where it would be reasonably expected that we would use the information in such a way.

Third parties we may disclose personal information to include:

  • Veterinary care professionals (for example, veterinary pathologists) in the course of the provision of veterinary care to your pet or animal (where this is consistent with our veterinary surgeons’ legal and professional obligations);
  • Data analysts, IT service providers and our advisors including our professional advisors (including legal and financial advisors);
  • Financial institutions involved with administering billing (including administration of insurance and other third-party payment arrangements) and debt recovery; and
  • Government agencies.

We take steps to ensure that our service providers are obliged to protect the privacy and security of personal information and use it only for the purpose for which it is disclosed.


Unless we have your consent or an exception under the Australian Privacy Principles applies, we will only disclose your personal information to overseas recipients where we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to your personal information.

We may use cloud computing services or data storage located overseas in which case information may be stored, under our control, on computer servers located outside of Australia.


You can request access to your personal information held by us, or request that it be corrected, by contacting us at the address below.

Where we hold information that you are entitled to access, we will try to provide you with suitable means of accessing it (for example, by mailing or emailing it to you). There may be instances where we cannot grant you access to the personal information we hold. For example, we may need to refuse access if granting access would interfere with the privacy of others or if it would result in a breach of confidentiality. If that happens, we will give you written reasons for any refusal.

If you believe that personal information we hold about you is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then you may request that we amend it. We will consider if the information requires amendment. If we do not agree that there are grounds for amendment then we will add a note to the personal information stating that you disagree with it.


Apiam takes reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information where it is no longer required. Personal information which forms part of our veterinary surgeons’ treatment records must be maintained in accordance with legislative and professional requirements.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or how your personal information has been handled by Apiam, you may contact us at any time. Matters relating to this policy will be received by the Privacy Officer (company General Counsel). The contact details for the Apiam Privacy Officer are set out below under ‘Contacting Us’.

We will consider and respond to your complaint within a reasonable period. If you are not satisfied with our response to a complaint, or you consider that Apiam may have breached the Australian Privacy Principles or the Privacy Act, you are entitled to make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner can be contacted by telephone at 1300 363 992. Full contact details for the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner can be found online at


We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time. This Privacy Policy is in addition to any other terms and conditions applicable to the Apiam website. Any updated versions of this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website and will be effective upon posting. Please review it regularly.


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